PowerDVD Remote Control

This is an infrared remote control receiver for use with PowerDVD based around an inexpensive ATtiny84 microcontroller. Windows identifies it as a USB keyboard so no additional drivers are required, and you can use a remote control that transmits commands using the Sony or NEC protocol.

USB remote control for PowerDVD

A small button is used to switch between Blu-ray and DVD modes. This affects the key sent to PowerDVD when the remote control's Menu button is pressed — Ctrl+P in Blu-ray mode and L in DVD mode.


To build the remote control receiver for yourself, you can use the schematic and the source code. The source code should hopefully be relatively easy to modify should you wish to customise it for your own needs.

Inside the PowerDVD remote control receiver

I assembled the project on stripboard and installed it in a small plastic case. Click and drag on the above image to see a 360° view of the insides of the receiver.


If you plug the receiver into a free USB port on your computer it should show up as a USB keyboard. The LED flashes whenever the unit receives a valid infrared command and sends a keystroke back to the PC. When the mode is toggled between Blu-ray and DVD it flashes to indicate the new mode — a long flash followed by a single short one for Blu-ray, a long flash followed by two short ones for DVD.

If using a universal remote, set it to a Sony or NEC mode. You may need to experiment with different modes until you find one that works with all of PowerDVD's functions.

More information

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