ASCII Madness II

ASCII Madness II is a demo that runs inside the Windows console. Featuring cool effects (well, for the console!) - using nothing but a handful of colours and some ASCII characters -and a snazzy soundtrack, ASCII Madness II is a huge improvement over the original ASCII Madness. With no headache-inducing text scrollers and slicker animation it won't give you motion sickness, either!


Just download, unzip, and run!


Notes on Source Release:

I tried unzipping the source code into a fresh directory and it built fine. The only "odd" thing it uses is FMOD. If you build the source yourself, you'll need to stick fmod.dll and the mp3 from the original download into the correct folders, else it won't run. The Image Editor thingummy is a nasty VB.NET hack-job that was used to prepare the palette and sprite files. It works, after a fashion.