Keyboard Input

A function and compatible string function that reads the next character from the keyboard buffer (it waits for the character).


GET and GET$ wait for a 'key' (character) to be present in the keyboard buffer and then return the ASCII number of the key or a string containing the character of the key. If there are any characters in the keyboard buffer when a GET is issued, then a character will be returned immediately. See the keyword INKEY for a way of emptying the keyboard buffer before issuing a GET.

GET and GET$ do not echo the pressed key to the screen. If you want to display the character for the pressed key, you must PRINT it.

You can use GET and GET$ whenever you want your program to wait for a reply before continuing. For example, you may wish to display several screens of instructions and allow the user to decide when he has read each screen.

REM First screen of instructions
PRINT "Press any key to continue ";
REM Second screen of instructions
PRINT ... etc

I/O Port Input

GET can also be used to input data from an I/O port.

N=GET(X) : REM input from port X


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