The MODE (or VDU 22) command sets the screen display mode. The screen is cleared and all the graphics and text parameters (colours, origin, etc) are reset to their default values.


The default display mode is MODE 0.

Available Modes

The modes listed below change the way text is displayed and graphics commands are handled. It is possible to specify a different mode number to the ones listed below, but for future compatibility it is recommended that you only use the modes below.

Mode Logical pixels per device pixel Logical resolution Text resolution (characters) Character resolution (pixels) User-definable characters
Horizontal Vertical
MODE 0 4 5 384×320 24×10 4×6 No
MODE 3 4 4 384×256 24×10 4×6 No
MODE 4 4 4 384×256 12×8 8×8 Yes


MODE <numeric>

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