This is an experimental feature that may change in future versions.
It is provided for compatibility with the Windows version of BBC BASIC and to enhance the code readibility of the Z80 version.

A statement which draws an outline rectangle or a filled rectangle. RECTANGLE is followed by the X and Y coordinates of the bottom left-hand corner of the rectangle then the width and height of the rectangle. To draw a square you can omit the fourth parameter; the height is then assumed to be the same as the width. To draw a filled (solid) rectangle or square use RECTANGLE FILL.

The graphics origin (X=0, Y=0) is normally the bottom-left of the screen. The origin can be changed using the VDU 29 command. See the Graphics section for more details.

The rectangle is drawn in the current graphics foreground colour. This colour can be changed using the GCOL statement.

RECTANGLE xpos,ypos,width,height


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