A statement that causes the rest of the line to be ignored thereby allowing comments to be included in a program.

You can use the REM statement to put remarks and comments in to your program to help you remember what the various bits of your program do. BBC BASIC (Z80) completely ignores anything on the line following a REM statement.

You will be able to get away without including any REMarks in simple programs. However, if you go back to a lengthy program after a couple of months you will find it very difficult to understand if you have not included any REMs.

If you include nothing else, include the name of the program, the date you last revised it and a revision number at the start of your program.

20 REM 5 AUG 84
30 REM Converts 'hard' carriage-returns to 'soft'
40 REM ones in preparation for use with WS.


REM any text