A 24 character long string pseudo-variable which reads and sets the system clock. On the TI-84+ series this accesses the accurate hardware real-time clock. On the TI-83+ series an inaccurate software simulation of the real-time clock is implemented. This software clock resets to 12:00, 1st January 2001 every time BBC BASIC is restarted and keeps lousy time but is provided for compatibility.

The format of the character string is:

Day,dd Mon yyyy.hh:mm:ss


Day is the day of the week (Mon, Tue, etc).
dd is the day of the month (01, 02, etc).
Mon is the abbreviated month name (Jan, Feb ,etc).
yyyy is the year (1986, 1987, etc).
hh is hours (00 to 23).
mm is minutes (00 to 59).
ss is seconds (00 to 59).

The format is the same as that used on the Master Series BBC Micro, but differs to that used in BBC BASIC (86) and BBC BASIC for Windows which exchange the position of the comma (,) and the full-stop (.).

TIME$="Sun,02 Feb 1986.18:33:30"

The time, date or both time and date may be set as shown below.

TIME$="Day,dd Mon yyyy"           : REM sets the date.
TIME$="hh:mm:ss"                  : REM sets the time.
TIME$="Day,dd Mon yyyy.hh:mm:ss"  : REM sets date & time.

No error is reported if the format is not accurately adhered to, however the clock may be set incorrectly.


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