When calling the OSCLI routine from machine code you will need to use the absolute address &40F7. However, when CALLing this routine from BBC BASIC it is recommended that you use the BBC Micro-compatible address &FFF7.

This routine passes a string to the command-line interpreter. It performs the same job as the OSCLI BASIC statement.

On entry HL should point to the CR-terminated command string. Any leading '*'s and spaces are skipped.

 10 oscli=&40F7
 20 DIM listPrograms 16
 30 FOR pass=0 TO 1
 40   P%=listPrograms
 50   [
 60   OPT pass*2
 70   LD HL,command
 80   JP oscli
 90   .command
100   DEFM "CAT *.PRG"
110   DEFB &0D
120   ]
130 NEXT pass
140 CALL listPrograms