Mixed small and large fonts

The size and appearance of characters depends on the current screen MODE. This command allows you to choose the font used when drawing text in VDU 5 mode.

The font used when rendering in the default VDU 4 mode cannot be changed as it requires that the characters fit into a fixed grid. When in VDU 4 mode text will always be printed in the default font for the current MODE even if it has been changed with *FONT.

Changing MODE resets the font to its default value.


There are two main fonts; a small 4×6 pixel font with fixed characters and a large 8×8 pixel font with user-definable characters.

The image at the top of this page was generated with the following program:

10 MODE 3
20 VDU 5
30 MOVE 0,255 : PRINT "Small"
50 MOVE 0,227 : PRINT "Large"
60 VDU 4
70 PRINT TAB(0,3) "Small (VDU 4)"

As you can see, the *FONT setting has no effect in VDU 4 mode.