Save an area of memory to a file. If the extension is omitted, .PRG is assumed.

You must specify the start address (aaaa) and either the length of the area of memory (llll) or its end address+1 (bbbb). All values are specified in hexadecimal. There is no 'load address' or 'execute address'.

The following examples would perform exactly the same operation:


The graphics buffer is located at &9340 and picture variables can store its first 63 lines (756 bytes). To save the current screen image to the Pic2 variable you could use the following code:

*SAVE PIC2.PIC 9340+2F4

(2F4 is 756 in hexadecimal).

OSCLI can also be used to save a file.

OSCLI "SAVE "+filename$+" "+STR$~(add)+"+"+STR$~(len)

See the Files section for more information about files.

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