Scripting Plugin


Loads a script file (or series of script files).


.incscript "source" [, "source" [, ...]]


Script files can be written in any .NET-compatible language, such as C# or Visual Basic.

Script files should contain at least one public class containing public static (Shared in Visual Basic) methods.

The following argument and return value types are valid:

Arguments and ReturnString.

Double, Float, Int32, UInt32, Int16, UInt16, Byte, SByte.


Arguments OnlyBrass3.Compiler, Brass3.Label.
Return Onlyvoid (Sub in Visual Basic).

Brass itself only understands double-precision floats and strings, so data types are converted before your function is called and converted again when returned.

The Brass3.Compiler argument is a special case. If you specify it, do not pass a value for it from your assembly source file. It will be populated with the instance of the compiler object building the current file so that your script file can control the compiler directly if need be.


C# script.

/* File: Script.cs

public class ScriptSample {

    public static double Multiply(double a, double b) {
        return a * b; 

} */

.incscript "Script.cs"
.echoln Multiply(4, 5) ; Outputs 20.

Passing a Label to a directive.

/* File: Script.cs

using Brass3;
public class ScriptSample {

    public static void IncrementLabel(Label label) {

} */

.incscript "Script.cs"

x = 10            ; Initialise to 10.
.echoln x         ; Outputs 10.
#incrementlabel x ; Increments X.
.echoln x         ; Outputs 11.

Using Windows Forms.

/* File: WinForms.cs

using Brass3;
using System.Windows.Forms;
using System.Collections.Generic;

public class ConfirmBox {

    #region Private Fields
    private readonly Compiler Compiler;
    private Queue Results;
    #region Constructor
    public ConfirmBox(Compiler compiler) {
        this.Compiler = compiler;
        this.Results = new Queue();

    #region Public Methods
    public void Alert(string prompt) {
        if (this.Compiler.CurrentPass == AssemblyPass.CreatingLabels) {
    public bool Confirm(string prompt) {
        if (this.Compiler.CurrentPass == AssemblyPass.CreatingLabels) {
            bool Result = MessageBox.Show(
            ) == DialogResult.Yes;
            return Result;
        } else {
            return Results.Dequeue();

} */

.scriptreference "System.Windows.Forms.dll"
.incscript "WinForms.cs"

ClickCount = 0
.while Confirm("Would you like to increment " + ClickCount + "?"))

.Alert "Final value: " + ClickCount + "."

Visual Basic script.

/* File: Script.vb

Public Class ScriptSample

    Public Shared Function RepeatString( _
        ByVal str As String, _
        ByVal amount As Integer) As String
        RepeatString = String.Empty
        For i As Integer = 1 to amount
            RepeatString &= str
        Next i
    End Function

End Class */

.incscript "Script.vb"
.echoln "Pot" + RepeatString("o", 8)

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