XML Overload

Tuesday, 8th November 2005

Everything in the new version of Latenite is XML-based - the project files, the help files, the error logs... Never mind, it seems to work well.

Click for massive.

So far, the only thing that's useful (complete and working) is the 8XP Linker - linker is a bit of a fancy name for it, as all it really does is wrap a number of .bin COM files up into a single .8x? or 83? file for the TI-83(+). It's a Win32 app, which should help some people stuck with the old DOS apps who can't get them to run under WinNT.

The Build menu seems to work; all Build scripts are now based around the project (rather than the old method of a number of fixed ones). After all, a "Build→Sega Game Gear" option is a bit useless to a TI-8X app. Any .cmd file in your project's Build folder should appear on the menu for you to run.

There are still a few issues - remembering which files were opened when you close the project, remembering which the default build script is, search in entire project (so far only current file and all open files are supported), jump to line, jump to previous instance of selected word, open file at cursor... I also need to complete the Z80 instruction set help file, add a WLA-DX help file... Lots for me to be getting on with!

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