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Thursday, 23rd February 2006

Seeing as the MaxCoderz fora have died (I can't read or post on them at the temporary hosting), and I know at least kv reads this... wink.gif

Latest beta: /bin/latenite/ (full install).


  • No more hanging or locking up when running the PTI debugger (huzzah!) PindurTI debugger is still horribly, horribly incomplete :( (Boo!)
  • Reworked icon extraction code works for all files (no more incorrect icons!)
  • File tree plugins (bundled with .emr plugin) to expand certain files into a tree.
  • Copy/Paste doesn't accidentally copy/paste if the text editor isn't selected (Ctrl+C/Ctrl+V doesn't work anywhere else, though).
  • Minor bug fixes here and there; some visible, others invisible.
  • Brass template has old defines added for backwards compatibility.
  • Updated copy of Brass and Brass XML file.
  • Minor tweaks to help file CSS.
  • Blue icon bug in Windows versions prior to NT 5.1 (XP) should be fixed.

Known Issues

  • Holding tab/shift+tab down adds lots of surplus tabs.
  • Anything to do with the debugging (watch, breakpoints) has not been touched, and so old bugs remain there.
  • PTI debugger doens't handle errors very gracefully (infinite messagebox loops). Make sure your ROMs are correctly installed!

EarlyMorning Link
For the EarlyMorning interface to work you need to associate .emr files with EarlyMorning. You can do this by double-clicking any .emr file, then browsing to the EarlyMorning binary when prompted. Without this information, Windows won't know where to find EarlyMorning when it wants to open an EarlyMorning file.
If you run Latenite, .emr files should now appear with the EarlyMorning icon, and a little [+] by them. Click this to expand them! Something a bit like this:


Double clicking on a resource should open it in EarlyMorning.
Bear in mind that I forgot to copy kv's PM to disk, so built the interface by guessing. rolleyes.gif
Also bear in mind that EarlyMorning (the version I have, at least) has a bug, as it loads itself and expects to load resources relative to the current working directory. Opening a subresource has a hack in Latenite to fix this behaviour, but opening an EMR file by right-click->open will cause EM to crash.

@kv, you need something like this:

private string FixPath(string RelativePath) {
    return Path.Combine(Application.StartupPath, RelativePath);

private void Something() {
    // ... and use it like this:
    // Rather than:

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