Wednesday, 7th June 2006

I've been attempting to add native TI-83+/TI-73 application support to Brass. Testing with Flash Debugger has been an entertaining experience, not least thanks to helpful messages like:


I haven't managed to get a signed application running in Flash Debugger or on hardware yet - I suspect the header is wrong - but seeing as the demo application has a different header structure to what the header generator creates, and both have generally conflicting information, I need to find some better resources.

If you want to sign applications from C♯ via Wappsign, this wrapper around the COM object might be useful. You'd use it like this:

// Sign the app (where BinaryFile is the filename of the .hex file to sign)
try {
    AppSigner Signer = new AppSigner(AppSigner.Mode.DetectType);

    // Get the key file
    string KeyFile = Signer.GetKeyFile(BinaryFile);
    if (KeyFile == "") throw new Exception("Couldn't find the key file.");

    // Get the output filename
    string SignedAppFilename = Signer.FormatOutput(BinaryFile);
    if (SignedAppFilename == "") throw new Exception("Couldn't establish output filename.");

    // Sign the bugger
    int Signed = Signer.Sign(BinaryFile, KeyFile, SignedAppFilename);
    if (Signed != 0) throw new Exception(Signer.GetErrorMessage(Signed));

} catch (Exception ex) {
    // Didn't work as it should
    DisplayError(ErrorType.Error, "Could not sign application: " + ex.Message);
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