Text mode graphics and help file indexing

Monday, 6th November 2006

In light of the TMDC, I thought I'd package up the .NET class for easy text-mode graphics I'd been throwing together.

Once initialised, all you need are two things; the Graphics object it provides to handle your drawing, and the Refresh() method to update the console with whatever it is you've been composing.

It relies on a fairly large palette (128KB) which is hugely wasted in the current version - it maps every 16-bit colour value (R5G6B5) to an attribute/character pair. For the purpose of not looking extremely ugly, the palette provided only uses a few basic characters, not the full range, hence that 128KB could be reduced somewhat.

If you want to provide your own palette, it's just a sequence of two byte pairs (character then attribute) for each of the 16-bit colour values.

You'll need to compile with the unsafe flag set.

Download VC♯ project (with a quick-and-dirty sample program - an oldschool flame that spins around, some curves and some alpha-blended text). ClearType does make the text look a bit odd.

// Set window to 80x50
TextSharp TS = new TextSharp(80, 50);

// Set window title text
TS.Title = "TextSharp Demo";

// Set up some pleasant antialiasing/filtering
TS.Graphics.SmoothingMode = SmoothingMode.HighQuality;
TS.Graphics.InterpolationMode = InterpolationMode.HighQualityBicubic;

// Now use the Graphics object like any other
TS.Graphics.DrawLine(Pens.Black, 0, 0, 80, 50);

// Update console window

The document browser progresses (slowly) - it now exports and imports to/from a single file (the .docpack) and has a nifty search-as-you-type index.


Why is it that all you need to do to solve all your .NET WinForms woes is to make the control invisible then visible again? When clearing/adding large numbers of nodes to a TreeView control, you get a dancing scrollbar that pauses the app for a second or so - make the control invisible then visible again and it's instant. (This is using Clear and AddRange - it's not as if I'm adding them one-by-one).

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