Emerson PS/2 Library

This is a project to interface AT and PS/2 protocol peripherals (keyboard and mouse) to the TI-83 Plus series calculator.

Photo of calculator and mouse.

The electrical interface between a PC and an AT or PS/2 device is very similar to that provided by the calculator's link port, so all an adapter needs to do is provide power to the peripheral and convert the DIN socket connection to a 2.5mm mini stereo jack plug.


The following video clips were recorded using the latest demo. Each is under a megabyte and is a WMV file.


These clips are from an older demo, and are also about a megabyte and WMV.



The following are listed in reverse date order, newest releases first.

Other Images

A miniature laptop mouse.

Close-up of a sample adapter with 5V regulator.

Kerm Martian took it a step further and built a PS/2 port directly into his calculator.