Fairy Lights

A set of miniature fairy lights for a very small Christmas tree controlled by an ATtiny2313 microcontroller.

Animation showing twinkling fairy lights

Download the schematic and source code

I purchased a very small Christmas tree from my local supermarket as I thought it would be a fun project to try to assemble a miniature set of fairy lights for it. The final product works quite well, and has the following specifications:

For more details please see the schematic and source code in the package linked above.

Video demonstration

Video thumbnail

Additional images

Inside the driver box
The circuit board that is used to drive the LEDs.

Christmas tree with lights
The Christmas tree in all its glory.

Charge pump test
The prototype for the Dickson charge pump used to boost the voltage to drive eight white LEDs in series was based around an ATtiny13 rather than the ATtiny2313 used in the final design.

LED jig made from cardboard
A cardboard jig made soldering all of the LEDs together much easier.