Laser Mayhem

A conversion of the classic shareware puzzle game Laserstrike with the levels from badga's TI-83 version.

The aim of the game is to shoot the yellow iris twice - once to open it, once to complete the level.




Move around the game grid with the direction keys. Press fire when hovering over a laser tank or button to use it.

The following block descriptions come from the readme for badja's TI-83 game.

Iris Shoot this twice to complete the level.
Track Tank Fire these by moving your cursor onto them and pressing fire. They can be moved back and forward along a track using Arrows (see below). If one of these is hit it will be destroyed.
Pod Tank Fire these in the same way as Track Tanks. They cannot be moved, but will rotate 90 degrees clockwise when hit by a laser.
Arrow Move your cursor onto these and press fire to move a Track Tank along the track.
Track This is what Tank Tracks move along. If it is hit by a laser it will be destroyed.
Mirror These reflect lasers by 90 degrees when hit on the slanted side. They will move when hit from behind.
Movable Block These move when hit by a laser.
Steel These block the path of lasers.
Brick These are destroyed after two shots.
Gate These let one laser beam pass through before they close up.
Acid Acid can eat through everything except more acid. If there is nothing in its path, acid will move and not be used up.
Rotating Gate When fired through the gap, these will rotate 90 degrees. When hit on the side, the laser will be blocked.


Two mirrors can be shot together to form a single movable block, like this:

Due to a bug in the game, this is not always possible and the two mirrors will not move together. This renders at least one level unbeatable.

I no longer have the source so cannot easily fix this bug.