Laserstrike (Zen X-Fi 2)

A puzzle game for the Zen X-Fi 2, based on a Windows game by Kevin Ng using levels from a TI-83+ version by Badga.

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Download Laserstrike for Zen X-Fi 2

In each of the sixteen levels you need to shoot the iris block twice with a laser. Various obstacles hinder your progress, including steel walls that block the laser beam, mirrors that reflect it, blocks that can only be shot through once, acid blobs that dissolve other blocks and more!

A block reference is provided within the game (holding any block when playing displays the relevant help page) and the first level introduces you to all of the blocks by way of a tutorial.

To install the game download the zip archive from the link above and extract it into the Applications folder of your Zen X-Fi 2. If your Zen X-Fi 2 has a drive letter of Z:, for example, the game should appear in Z:\Applications\Laserstrike.

Known issues

The player's idle shutdown feature (System, Player Settings, Idle Shutdown) can cause problems; if it tries to shut down when the game is running the player will appear to freeze. Pressing the reset button will reset a frozen player.

Please either exit the game if you are leaving the player for an extended period of time or disable the idle shutdown feature.


Title Screen

Level 4

Level 5 (Restart dialog)

Level 7