Latenite is a simple IDE geared towards Z80 development.

It is based around the old Brass assembler, so is far from perfect, but it still works after a fashion. I'd like to write a nice new version based on Brass 3, but until I get around to it this'll have to do.


It is recommended that you download the latest version of Latenite. It comes with an old copy of Brass, so download the latest version of Brass to replace it.

If you need an older version, here they are.


There have been many different versions of Latenite in the past, so some of these won't be entirely accurate.

Working with a Brass 3 project in Latenite.

Debugging TI programs comes courtesy of PindurTI.

A simple plugin system allows for EarlyMorning resources to be displayed in a tree form.