A function which returns information about the mouse, if present. The information returned depends upon the argument passed to ADVAL.

ADVAL positive argument

If the argument is positive, ADVAL returns a value related to the distance that the mouse has been moved.

The value returned corresponds to the total distance travelled in a particular axis since the last time that axis was checked using ADVAL.

The X value increases as the mouse is moved right on a surface; the Y value increases as the mouse is moved up on a surface.

You should poll the mouse using a routine like the following:

mouseX%= 0
mouseY%= 0
  mouseX%= mouseX% + ADVAL(1)
  mouseY%= mouseY% + ADVAL(2)

ADVAL zero argument

ADVAL(0) returns a value in the range 0 to 7 corresponding to the state of the three mouse buttons. You can check the state of individual buttons using the AND operator.

buttons%= ADVAL(0)
leftPressed%= buttons% AND 1
rightPressed%= buttons% AND 2
middlePressed%= buttons% AND 4



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