A statement which draws a line on the screen. DRAW is followed by the X and Y coordinates of the end of the line; the optional qualifier BY indicates that the coordinates are relative (offsets from the start of the line) rather than absolute.

The start of the line is either the end of the last line drawn or a point specified by a MOVE statement.

The graphics origin (X=0, Y=0) is normally the bottom-left of the screen. The origin can be changed using the VDU 29 command. See the Graphics section for more details.

The line is drawn in the current graphics foreground colour. This colour can be changed using the GCOL statement.

DRAW x,y
MOVE 200,300
DRAW 640,800

DRAW x,y is equivalent to PLOT 5,X,Y. DRAW BY x,y is equivalent to PLOT 1,X,Y.


DRAW [BY] <numeric>,<numeric>

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