Loader Change

Thursday, 2nd August 2007

I've started rewriting the underlying resource loading code to better handle multiple versions of the game.


To help with this I'm writing a WinForms-based resource browser.

(That's the only real Quake-related change visible in the above screenshot. I've written a cinematic (.cin, used in Quake 2) loader).

To aid loading resources I've added a number of new generic types. For example, the Picture class always represents a 32-bit per pixel ARGB 2D picture. The decoders for various formats will always have access to the resource manager, so they can request palette information if they need it. To further aid issues, there are some handy interfaces that a specific format class can implement - for example, a class (such as WallTexture for handling .wal files) implementing IPictureLoader will always have a GetPicture() method.

The loader classes are also given attributes specifying which file extensions are handled. (This project uses quite a bit of reflection now). The only issue I can see with this are files that use the same extension but have different types, such as the range of .lmp files.

In addition, certain single files within the packages have multiple sub-files (for example, the .wad files in Quake). I'm not sure how I'll handle this, but I'm currently thinking of having the .wad loader implement IPackage so you could access files via gfx/somewad.wad/somefileinthewad, but some files don't have names or extensions.

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